Lauter Lärm #7

Bundeshauptstadt und Umgebung - die heissesten und krassesten Gustostückerl
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Lauter Lärm #7

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Lauter Lärm #7 with
BZRRO BassPunk
Dabit Vocem Austria
DJ Balli

Door 22oo

Hecate (INT)

Dark Breakcore/Metal/Industrial/Ambient DJ Set
Known from many pseudonyms we welcome her under Hecate with her electronic performances from extreme metal to ambient. Mixed up with her world of fetishes, occultism and spirit she creates own worlds.

BZRRO BassPunk (DE)

Deathstep/IDM /Breakcore Hardware liveset

Since around 10 years he creates break based electronic music. Bassline pressure and drum mayhem performed live on hardware.

Scans (AT)

everybody make some noise

Nadeshda (AT)

Nadeshda / tapeloop manipulation techniques weaving together unearthly ambient pieces, space drones and bizarre sound experiments, which take you off to a completely unreal and otherworldly dimension. Get lost in the slow transforming repetition and listen closely to the universality of the narrative it has accreted.

Dabit Vocem Austria (AT)

aus Vorarlberg startete 2010 mit musikalischen Experimenten, die auch auf vielen Netlabels zu finden sind. ... GP-LZgQ7Xg

DJ Balli (IT)

Pastabreaks meets Schnitzelcore ... como-balla

Assimilatah (TW)

Assimilates frequencies like no one else

Rasputin (AT)

will make you leave after the party

If you act like a brick, you get kicked