020818 Frankenstein, or the 8 bit Prometheus book presentatio

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020818 Frankenstein, or the 8 bit Prometheus book presentatio

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On thursday August the 2nd the series of book presentation organized by BikeKitchen in Goldschlagstraße 8, 1150 Wien continues with a guest from Italy, Riccardo Balli who will talk about his "Frankenstein, or the 8 Bit Prometheus" ChiliComCarne.com editions, 2018. From book back cover: 1818 First edition of Mary Shelley’s classic: Frankenstein

2018 Frankenstein gone mad: the many horrifying uses of technology, such as Web 2.0 that encourages you to give your time and personal information up to faceless IT companies or worse…
This book is a mashup of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, videogames and Internet culture, of chiptune music, galvinism, taffelmuzik, real life accounts of ’90s gabber rave parties in Italy and a celebration of Bologna’s finest weirdo label SONIC BELLIGERANZA, whose 17 years of existence (2000-2017) this volume celebrates with 17 texts.

The author, having whistled countless 8-bit versions of famous pop songs and delighted his ears with chip-tune covers of black metal songs and classical music, now extends micro-music aesthetics to literature with this remix of Mary Shelley’s classic.

Through some sort of low-resolution séance, the author evokes the spirit of corpse reviver Giovanni Aldini (1762-1834), credited with having inspired The Modern Prometheus. Aldini tells a compressed version of the original Frankenstein story, exposing its language to retro-gaming jargon and simplifying the plot as if it were an arcade game. The aforementioned 18th-century electrifier was the nephew of eminent scientist Luigi Galvani, who lived in MIDIevil Bologna just like the author of this new classic.