Void Tactical: Looking for possible bookings in Austria

On Tour and looking for gigs in Austria? This is the place to post your information! Austrian promoters might be able to help you out!
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Void Tactical: Looking for possible bookings in Austria

Beitrag von splithorizon » 27.07.2012 01:14

Greetings all,

Void Tactical Media is coming out to Europe for 2 months this autumn (august21st - october 12th) and we are hoping to play in Austria while we are out there. I've contacts some folks directly, but Eiterherd sez this is also a good place to post, so I am doing so. Basics are: on tour are myself (Split Horizon) and DImentia, one of the main artists on my broken bass label Void Tactical Media. The label started off in Detroit and is now based in California. We are booked in Bratislava on the 29th of September, so we are thinking maybe Austria could happen around that time. Please get in touch if you are interested, follow the links below for contact info, demo, and our course the required 'artist bios' !! Pleased to meet all of you...

-Matt / Split Horizon

Split Horizon
Label head of Void Tactical Media starting around 2006 performs exclusively as a live PA, using all hardware to craft an improvised set of sonic broken beats and hard electro.   As a performer he has played along side artists such as Somatic Responses, Noize Creator, Mark N, Baseck, Xanopticon, Prometheus Burning, and Diskore.  In addition to the last Void Tactical 12" Vinyl split with Dimentia, Split Horizon has also been released on Realicide Youth Records, Katabatik, and No Room for Talent.   His latest set can be heard at http://soundcloud.com/splithorizon/spli ... on-live-pa .

A mainstay of the West Coast's underground soundsystem culture, Dimentia has worked with Spaz, Katabatik, and 5flowershop crews for many years.  Beginning around 2000, his music is a unique blend of electro, acid, techno and broken bass; all made and performed live on hardware gear.   Dimentia has been getting a lot of attention in 2012, with several releases on both Void Tactical Media and Katabatik, as well as a feature set on Darkfloor's Mantis Radio.  Taste his sound at http://soundcloud.com/dimentia/sets/dim ... oken-beat/

Void Tactical Media
Detroit based label currently run from Oakland, CA specializing in Hard Electro and Broken Bass music.  Void Tactical has had a great year in 2012, throwing some great parties in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, as well as a solid new 12" vinyl and a stream of digital releases.  Listen at http://soundcloud.com/voidtacticalmedia or for more info check http://voidtacticalmedia.org for more music as well as critical media, writing, and event archives.
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Re: Void Tactical: Looking for possible bookings in Austria

Beitrag von Dodo » 27.07.2012 12:23

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