Nam-Shub & Hi Freqs EU Tour! (MZO!)

On Tour and looking for gigs in Austria? This is the place to post your information! Austrian promoters might be able to help you out!
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Nam-Shub & Hi Freqs EU Tour! (MZO!)

Beitrag von eiterherd » 12.05.2011 17:09

Hi, this is phILL from the nAM sHUB oF eNKI and Monster Zoku Onsomb! How are ya?
I am about head to Europe for some gigs and holidaying.
I am playing Glade fest jun12 with the HI-Freqs (MZO side project) and playing a handfull of other shows in Europe and I am looking for some other gigs. We will be in Europe till mid August.
I have a new album coming out on imminently and Hi-Freqs have an Ep available with an album on the way.

check out:
Nam Shub's PHREEE mix ( a quick mix of a bunch of trax from my new album and some Hi-Freqs Trax). ... x-may-2011

& the hi freqs

the hi freqs are an MZO spin off but more occulty rave styles - with a cracking live show:o)…

If you wanna book me or the Hi Freqs send me a mail… please pass onto anyone who U think might be interested.

ok Hope You are great

Seeya this summer!