Baseck - Gameboy Thrashin - EU tour help. May-June 2010

On Tour and looking for gigs in Austria? This is the place to post your information! Austrian promoters might be able to help you out!
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Baseck - Gameboy Thrashin - EU tour help. May-June 2010

Beitrag von baseck » 15.04.2010 04:53

hey homies in euroland! what's up eiterherd?! i'm rocking a tour in europe/uk soon. do you know of any shows i can play at?!

here's some info i been posting up:

i'm booking my tour for europe/uk in may and june and wanted to see if there's any promoters that would be interested in having me play a show? or any recommendations on who to contact.

i know the clock is ticking pretty close. i been so caught up in my music i haven't done too much getting the word out. that's why i'm reaching out to you guys!

i haven't toured in 3 years. i been busy with organizing events, and i told myself i wasn't gonna tour again without a full length album out.. now with a full length just released on cevin keys' subconscious communications and upcoming dates in japan, i'm ready to rock europe again!

please check my site if you're interested.

baseck - gameboy thrashin, turntable bangin

http://WWW.BASECK.NET - for mp3, video, bio, etc

baseck [at]

this is what i have so far:

may 5 - wageningen holland
may 15 - berlin germany
may 21 - marseille france
may 22 - lyon france

thanks for looking!
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Re: Baseck - Gameboy Thrashin - EU tour help. May-June 2010

Beitrag von eiterherd » 15.04.2010 08:56

check yo mail!

hope we can work something out for Graz :) ..