MAR/APR08 - Split Horizon + Statas (USA)

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MAR/APR08 - Split Horizon + Statas (USA)

Beitrag von eiterherd » 30.01.2008 11:57

kam eben rein.. ziemlich viel los im märz/april.. noch jemand anders interesse an dem Amis? in Graz würd ich evtl was machen...

I am Split Horizon hailing from Detroit, USA. I run the space From the Gut ( and the label Void ( After doing parties for quite some some time, my friend Statas from Phillidelphia and I are looking to do a moderate sized tour of europe this spring. We're focusing on the end of March and April. Val of breakcore gives me wood recommended contacting you for a possible booking in this timeframe, and we'd love to bring you some rockin beats from this side of the Atlantic. You can check out a live set from me here: ... ording.mp3 (tho it's about a year or so old)
and also other sound and infos available here:

Please give it some thought and get back to us, the quicker the better so we can get our touring plans solidified.
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Re: MAR/APR08 - Split Horizon + Statas (USA)

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mia woitns mid noch tschechien zahn, auf die walpurgisnachtsfreeparty am 30.4. .....