WORDSOUND Fall '08 & Spring '09

On Tour and looking for gigs in Austria? This is the place to post your information! Austrian promoters might be able to help you out!
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WORDSOUND Fall '08 & Spring '09

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I'm actually looking for shows for SENSATIONAL, SPECTRE and KOUHEI KOYXEN.

Get back to me for further informations.




Available dates

Fall 2008 tour :
0ct 26th > 0ct 30th
Nov 1st > Nov 9th

April/May 2009 tour open for booking.


The Original Freak-Styler

Once in an eternity an artist will come along who defies any explanation, breaks all boundaries, and destroys all preconceived notions as to what music is. In reggae, we were blessed with the maniacal genius of Lee Perry; in jazz, we had Sun Ra; and in hip-hop no one even comes close to the man they call Sensational. Sure, you got crazy personalities like Kool Keith and Old Dirty Bastard, but Sensational is a breed apart from even these koo-koo MCs. Born (or hatched?) into the world of beats as Torture, a name perfectly befitting his dusted productions and not-ready-for-prime-time style, Torture linked up with the Jungle Brothers when he was just 15. He was ill back then even, so ill, he could rhyme to records by Stockhausen (the German avant-garde electronic composer). Just check out "Ra Ra Kid" from the Crazy Wisdom Masters 10-inch on Black Hoodz. Originally recorded for Warner Brothers in 1992, this stuff is still way ahead of his time. In 1995, Torture came to the attention of WordSound through Bill Laswell. It was then that he started recording his debut solo effort, Loaded With Power (WSCD022), an album like no other in the annals of hip-hop. CMJ called it, "The most bold and experimental hip-hop record of the last couple of years," but even this is an understatement. The tripped-out flows, the broken beats, the lo-fi ambience all created an epic event in hip-hop that largely went unnoticed by the Puffy-worshipping masses. And to think, it was all created by one man using only a four-track, a drum machine and a turntable. Sensational, in fact, has never been one to sample. Even though he upgraded to an 8-track for his sophomore effort, Corner The Market (WSCD032), all of his sounds were original and played all the way through a track (since he didn’t have any type of sequencer). He even got a real microphone this time around (instead of recording vocals through his headphones like on Loaded), wowing heads with his blunted poetry-in-motion-sickness. Sensational currently lives on any couch he can crash on, and makes blazing hip-hop each and every day of his life. Until we see him up in Billboard, Hip-hop is doomed for mediocrity.



Skiz Fernando, a.k.a SPECTRE, is responsible for conducting a campaign of “Bass Terror” on the mainstream music industry for well over a decade. It all started with the Crooklyn Dub Consortium: Certified Dope, Vol. 1 (WSCD003) in 1995, a critically-acclaimed compilation that heralded the birth of the iLLbient scene in New York. Spectre founded the Consortium to unleash sonic unrest on the populace and to bring certified dope from “The Other Side” into the country. After 4 volumes, the power and influence of this dub syndicate has spread to include numerous sleeper cells around the globe, who are ready to bomb your mindstate at a moment’s notice.

Before the dust even settled. Spectre released The Illness (WSCD006) on mankind—part of the Trilogy of Terror that includes The Second Coming (WSCD024) and The End (WSCD035). In addition to being a veritable primer on Bass Terror, these releases also cemented his reputation as being one of the deadliest drum programmers around, garnering fans and imitators alike.

After bombing Europe with Parts Unknown, and Retrospectre (both on Belgium’s Quatermass label), which increased the bounty on his head, The Ill Saint returned to WordSound to drop his magnum opus, Psychic Wars (WSCD045) in 2004.

Spectre is also responsible for the Subterranean Hitz series (Volumes 1-3), which did for hip-hop what Crooklyn did for dub—unleashing revolutionary sounds into the atmosphere and spreading the ILLness throughout the planet. Of course the Rap Nazis at Fat Beats tried to proclaim these releases as “degenerate art,” but many copies remain, secretly circulating through the underground and studied like lost scrolls. The same goes with the compilation Weapons of Mass Destruction (Black Hoodz), a vinyl tour-de-force featuring killa instrumentals from Sensational, Mentol Nomad, DJ Klos, and the Ill Saint himself. You can still find copies at the wordsound site (www.wordsound.com).

In 2006, Spectre dropped the long-awaited mix tape Tunes From The Crypt following it with his seventh full-length, Transcendent, in 2007. Both releases are only available as a dowload through WordSound Digital.

Currently, the Ill Saint is back in the lab, working on his next masterpiece, Internal Dynasty, to be released sometime in 2008.



Kouhei Matsunaga grew up In Osaka, Japan listening to hardcore techno and rap music.also study to architecture.
He started to making music from 1992.
Kouhei is composing to Experimental music also many collaborations.(exp,with Merzbow, John Watermann, Asmus Tietchens, Rudolf Eb.er, Anla Courtis etc..).
His latest work is producing to Sensational (ex, Jungle Brothers)'s album 2006, also Autechre and Spectre made remix for that album.